Do anything you wanna do and do it yourself. Do it quick, cheap and do it for the love and not prestige. Stroboscopes & Smokemachines is a documentary mapping the electronic music culture in The Hague and Rotterdam and its particular scene ironically called the West Coast Sound of Holland.

The ’90s underground was an era of self-governed dance music settlements with a lot of uncharted territory and air of invention; it was the right time and right place for raw, uncompromising and deeply experimental music. But make no mistake to dismiss it as ‘old glory’ — new talents and labels are channeling the stripped-down gritty electronica and DIY attitudes while the pioneers of the scene retain devoted following.

Dutch filmmakers Anna Bogomolova and Dammes Kieft portray artists from the Dutch West Coast, whose music and beliefs hold key ingredients of freedom and oblivion.

The documentary is in post-production and will premiere at selected film and music festivals late 2019. The initiative is supported by the local artistic community, The Hague’s Fonds 1818 and the municipality of Rotterdam.

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Original idea

Stroboscopes & Smokemachines was preluded by the short film De Golven Van De West Coast Sound Of Holland.

In 2017 Blitzkickers were filming a promo for the The Crave festival in The Hague with the idea to spotlight different generations of local electronic musicians. Capturing stories about squat parties in the early 90s from Guy Tavares, the fierce DIY ethos of the local scene from I-F and the nerdy side of early electronic music productions from Legowelt — the filmmakers released more than a promo, but a short film split into 2 episodes. The interest to the topic was apparent and the original storytelling got positive feedback online, so there was a plan made for a full-length cinema-proof documentary.

Watch De Golven Van De West Coast Sound Of Holland below and subscribe to our YouTube channel here.


Making a cassette EP with Legowelt and Animistic Beliefs

Audiosport 8

To explore relations within the artistic community, the filmmakers suggested a collaboration between Legowelt and Animistic Beliefs. The project resulted in a cassette release which carries the DIY styled guide for action between the pioneer and the next generation of the West Coast Sound of Holland.

Watch the slow-paced short from the studio session and creative process around the release, including an aquarelle workshop, here.

Legowelt and Animistic Beliefs cassette EP Audiosport 8 — De Diepe Wereld is available at and digitally at


Andre Agressi, Animistic Beliefs, Cosmox, David Schoch (PIP), David Vunk, Dazion, DJ Overdose, DJ TLR (Creme Organization), Godspill, Guy Tavares (Bunker Records), I-F (Intergalactic FM / Viewlexx), Intergalactic Gary, Jan Duivenvoorden (Unit Moebius), Jarrell Drenthem Soesman (The Crave), JEANS, Jetti Steffers (BAR), Legowelt, Lounes, Mark du Mosch, Marsman (Pinkman), Mattheis (Nous’klaer), Emma Baas (Legs On Fire), Oberman (Nous’klaer), Oceanic, Olof van Winden (TodaysArt), Orgue Electronique, Otto Kraanen (Bordello A Parigi), Pasiphae, Primus Inter Pares, Richelle Soigni (Legs On Fire), Ruben Verkuylen (BAKK), Serge (Clone), Sil Vermandere (Phuture West Bookings), Spekki Webu (MIRROR ZONE), Nicolaas Borst (BAKK), Steven van Lummel (PIP), Stranger, Torus, Woody 92'


Anna Bogomolova
director and editing

Dammes Mees Kieft
cinematography and editing

Lex Rutjes

Mike Kokken and Ruben Verkuylen
identity, design and website

Fabian Bredt
teaser campaign

Ramon de Lima
production assistance

Gino van Dam
music supervision (EP release)


Produced by Blitzkickers
Delftseplein 36 (Unit 4.01)
3013 AA Rotterdam
Call: +31624707746

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